Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is a type of programming and maker event where participants spend the time building a project that accomplishes a mission with their team. It's very open ended. Simply put, find a team and make something.


The schedule is available here.


We will be offering swag(t-shirts, stickers, etc), along with prizes such as arduino kits and gift cards to the best projects produced during the event. Details on prizes will be announced on our social media.

How large is HackEdison?

We will cap registrations at 120 people in order to accommodate a max of roughly 100 hackers. Feel free to share this opportunity with your friends. It makes the team finder process easier.


Filling out the registration form with its parental permission slip will enter you into our email blasts. You can also talk to us on our slack server(WIP), instagram account(WIP), or via email.

Beginners welcome!

Attending your first hackathon is difficult. It's easy when you have friends going with you who have experience, but for many that's not the case. Our help desk during the event will always be open, our workshops tailored, and our advice almost limitless. Show up and we can help you make something great out of this event.

Team size?

Teams are 2-4 people.


We will offer workshops and additional resources for web development, python, AI, Sprig(JS) Game Dev, 3d printing, and more.

Getting to TAEHS!

We will be at Thomas A. Edison CTE HS's Cafeteria and Library at 165-65 84th Avenue, Jamaica, New York 11432. Enter through the rear entrance on 84th Avenue adjacent to the parking. Jamaica, Queens is accessible via the E, J, Z, and F train within a 30 minute walk of the station.


Doors will open at 8AM and the event will end at 8PM. Arrive from 8-9 AM.

What to Bring

Please bring your laptops and chargers. This is a day event so pack lightly.

Who's eligible to come

All High School students will be welcome to participate and compete. Those not yet in high school can contact us for more information.

Any unanswered questions?

Contact us at via our 3 communications channels. We want to make sure you get all the answers you need so you can make the great choice to come to hackEdison!